Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One to one program

Ok, so right now I am at school and I have recently decided to post about the One to One Program at my school. The One to One Program is supported by Apple Inc themselves. The One to One program allows you to bring an an old computer-Mac or PC- and they will help you transfer any files from your old computer to your Macbook!
If you need any help with doing something on your Macbook, then take an hour or two and stop bye an Apple store. Maybe you need help editing a film, creating music for your band, or create anything else you can imagine! If you prefer learning face-to-face then servers will be up when you need help!
The great thing about the One to One program is that if your school gets signed up it then everyone gets a laptop...to take home! It is really helpful for some students who dont have their own laptop, and they can send in work, do homework, and stay connected! So if you school doesn't do that then maybe you should talk to your principle!
~ iTech

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