Friday, February 10, 2012

Anonymous Interview

Hello! Sorry I have not posted. I have been waiting to get my flashdrive back from school. But anyway, I was on the web and I met a game designer. He likes to stay Anonymous so his name will be Anonymous. Here is our interview!

Me: So what is your game about?

Anonymous: Basically, I can't give it
away. But it's a combination of Minecraft and RPG's, a little
transformice styled adventures and it's multiplayer. It is an
adventurous world with block people and there are tons of different
worlds where you can build some of your own worlds. And you can fight
off bad guys!

Me: How did you program it?

Anonymous: Well, it's all coded in Java
with a custom game engine I worked on. Using a friends old one, I
improved it greatly. And for the characters, I've been designing them
with a Voxel Editor. I think it could catch up to minecraft, and it
is free!

Me: So where are you in your coding?

Anonymous: Well, I would say just
starting, because my game engine is done. So all I have to do is
start the graphics, finish up the code, and I will be in beta. So I
would say it would be released in 3-4 months. The forum for it is

Me: Well thats all the time we have
today! Thanks for letting me interview you!

Anonymous: No problem.

I'm excited to see Anonymous' new game!

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