Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Internet Explorer 9

Hello viewers! So I woke up early to get a head start on any new updates that may occur during the day. So anyway, I was browsing the Internet when it said "Update your Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 9." (Thats not exactly what it said but I have a bad memory) So I went to Internet Explorer's website and I saw this!
I mean I doubt it's new information but I thought i would just let you guys know about my recent findings. But if you can't read the picture above, it says,
"Om nom is now om-lin- get Cut the Rope bonus levels with Internet Explorer 9."
Then under that it says "Play now" if you click 'Play now' then it will download Internet Explorer and it will give you the bonus levels in Cut the Rope!
~ iTech
P.S: I will have my laptop in my last class today (From 2:25 pm-3:30pm) and my teacher does not care what I do as long as I'm on task. So if there are any news updates you want to let me know about since I can just go research, or if there IS something I find (Since my teacher is in the Apple Inc. newsletter) then I can post about it.

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