Friday, February 10, 2012

Anonymous Interview

Hello! Sorry I have not posted. I have been waiting to get my flashdrive back from school. But anyway, I was on the web and I met a game designer. He likes to stay Anonymous so his name will be Anonymous. Here is our interview!

Me: So what is your game about?

Anonymous: Basically, I can't give it
away. But it's a combination of Minecraft and RPG's, a little
transformice styled adventures and it's multiplayer. It is an
adventurous world with block people and there are tons of different
worlds where you can build some of your own worlds. And you can fight
off bad guys!

Me: How did you program it?

Anonymous: Well, it's all coded in Java
with a custom game engine I worked on. Using a friends old one, I
improved it greatly. And for the characters, I've been designing them
with a Voxel Editor. I think it could catch up to minecraft, and it
is free!

Me: So where are you in your coding?

Anonymous: Well, I would say just
starting, because my game engine is done. So all I have to do is
start the graphics, finish up the code, and I will be in beta. So I
would say it would be released in 3-4 months. The forum for it is

Me: Well thats all the time we have
today! Thanks for letting me interview you!

Anonymous: No problem.

I'm excited to see Anonymous' new game!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Idea

Hey! It's me, iTech! So I came up with a great idea just now. It just hit me when I said these words on a chat,

"Let's get on Transformice."

I know what you are all thinking. Actually I think I know two things SOME of you are thinking. One is, "What is Transformice?" and two is, "What is your idea?" I'm getting to that. So Transformice is a game where you are a mouse and you are trying to get to the cheese, then back to the hole! But there are some obstacles that you can overcome IF you are good enough. But some you may need help. So there is one mice chosen from all the people in the room (this game is a game online where you play with other people around the world) and that person becomes the Shaman.

The Shaman has powers to help u get over/under/around these obstacles. So once you get the cheese, you run back to the hole! And then bam! You beat a map! So that is basically what Transformice is. But anyway, here is my big idea!

To make this site more enjoyable for kids (probably ages 9-20 year old kids) I can do some game reviews! If I find games that look stupid, interesting, challenging, or anything else, I can do a review on it! That way there is something for Kids and Adults! Adults can view the technology updates and kids view the game reviews!

So that is my great idea! Comment and tell me what you think!

P.S: Go there to play Transformice!

~ iTech

Sprint Partners with Orange Business Services to Extend Global M2M Reach

Hey everyone! I have recently downloaded FeedDemon so I can get the latest update on any technology updates! So as you can see in the title, Sprint has incresed there service! So if you have no idea what the title means, then here it is in a simpler form!

Sprint + Orange Business Service = 180 countries of M2M!

If you dont know what M2M is, it is Machine-2-Machine. So bascally, When Orange Business Service (Business that keeps your connections with your business A ok) and Sprint (Cellular provider) combine, that means that Sprint's signal will be way more powerful and active in way more countries.

So if you have a Sprint phone, have fun!

~ iTech

One to one program

Ok, so right now I am at school and I have recently decided to post about the One to One Program at my school. The One to One Program is supported by Apple Inc themselves. The One to One program allows you to bring an an old computer-Mac or PC- and they will help you transfer any files from your old computer to your Macbook!
If you need any help with doing something on your Macbook, then take an hour or two and stop bye an Apple store. Maybe you need help editing a film, creating music for your band, or create anything else you can imagine! If you prefer learning face-to-face then servers will be up when you need help!
The great thing about the One to One program is that if your school gets signed up it then everyone gets a take home! It is really helpful for some students who dont have their own laptop, and they can send in work, do homework, and stay connected! So if you school doesn't do that then maybe you should talk to your principle!
~ iTech

Internet Explorer 9

Hello viewers! So I woke up early to get a head start on any new updates that may occur during the day. So anyway, I was browsing the Internet when it said "Update your Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 9." (Thats not exactly what it said but I have a bad memory) So I went to Internet Explorer's website and I saw this!
I mean I doubt it's new information but I thought i would just let you guys know about my recent findings. But if you can't read the picture above, it says,
"Om nom is now om-lin- get Cut the Rope bonus levels with Internet Explorer 9."
Then under that it says "Play now" if you click 'Play now' then it will download Internet Explorer and it will give you the bonus levels in Cut the Rope!
~ iTech
P.S: I will have my laptop in my last class today (From 2:25 pm-3:30pm) and my teacher does not care what I do as long as I'm on task. So if there are any news updates you want to let me know about since I can just go research, or if there IS something I find (Since my teacher is in the Apple Inc. newsletter) then I can post about it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Facebook shares for sale!

We all know and love the website facebook, and we also know the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Facebook has some great news! Facebook has recently decided to sell some shares of Facebook because they owe taxes in options, which was given to them in 2005 and expires in 2015. They are trying to sell stock shares and earn the money to pay the taxes. They are selling 1.7 billion dollars worth in shares. Here is what facebook has to say,

"We expect that substantially all of the net proceeds Zuckerberg will receive upon such sale will be used to satisfy taxes that he will incur upon his exercise of an outstanding stock option to purchase 120,000,000 shares."

Zuckerberg wants to become one of the richest people in the world with a risk of Facebook become worth as much as 28.4 billion dollars. Facebook shares are considerably cheap for such a popular site. There will be more than 2.5 billion shares and each one will be worth about $39.79 a peice.

Perhaps he does buy all 120 million shares, he will make about $4.7 billion. Zuckermans tax rate is about 35%, said Victor Fleischer, associate professor of law at the University of Colorado. That means his bill would be about $1.7 billion.

So are you going to buy a share or shares of Facebook? Comment your thoughts and opinions! We would love to hear what you had to say!

~ iTech