Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Idea

Hey! It's me, iTech! So I came up with a great idea just now. It just hit me when I said these words on a chat,

"Let's get on Transformice."

I know what you are all thinking. Actually I think I know two things SOME of you are thinking. One is, "What is Transformice?" and two is, "What is your idea?" I'm getting to that. So Transformice is a game where you are a mouse and you are trying to get to the cheese, then back to the hole! But there are some obstacles that you can overcome IF you are good enough. But some you may need help. So there is one mice chosen from all the people in the room (this game is a game online where you play with other people around the world) and that person becomes the Shaman.

The Shaman has powers to help u get over/under/around these obstacles. So once you get the cheese, you run back to the hole! And then bam! You beat a map! So that is basically what Transformice is. But anyway, here is my big idea!

To make this site more enjoyable for kids (probably ages 9-20 year old kids) I can do some game reviews! If I find games that look stupid, interesting, challenging, or anything else, I can do a review on it! That way there is something for Kids and Adults! Adults can view the technology updates and kids view the game reviews!

So that is my great idea! Comment and tell me what you think!

P.S: transformice.com Go there to play Transformice!

~ iTech

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